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Sperm Farming.
Cast: Lexi Sindel
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Mistress Lexi Sindel is running a sperm farm. She wants to extract the maximum amount of sperm from each milking session. Lexi collects the most sperm when the prostate is stimulated while the milking machine is sucking the cock.

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Sperm Farming (domination, mistress, dom, machine, file) machine domination dom file (Sperm Farming).

Sperm Farming (dom, domination, machine, mistress)
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Bound in hard metal in a doggy style standing position She is about to get hit by the dick cannon.

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Video language: English

When the gorgeous Leena Sky calls her pool boy over to tell him that her husband is out of town and she wants to fuck, he thinks it’s his lucky day. But Leena takes one look at his cock and bursts out laughing; there is no way she could even feel that small dick; It is smaller than her finger! But Leena is horny, so she puts the little dicked bitch to work eating her pussy so she will get some pleasure at least. She tells him she might have some other uses for him; little does he know what they will be! Leena puts her new cuck to work licking her ass clean while she prepares to go out on a date with a real man. Leena makes the cuck thoroughly clean her ass, making sure his tongue reaches every part of her ass. Leena cruelly asks the cuck if he likes the dress she will be going out in to party while he stays there and cleans her house. Leena returns from her date with a stud in tow. She has another surprise for her cuckold pool boy; she wants to see him suck cock and take a big load right in his face! Leena manhandles her bitch, making his head down on her new stud’s cock and spreading his mouth wide to take the entire shaft in his mouth. She can’t contain her laughter as the stud blows a big load on the pool subby’s face. Leena then spreads the filth all over his pathetic face. Leena makes it very clear to her chastised pool boy cuck – if he ever wants to get his dick out of its cage, he has to learn to take her big black cock in his ass – and he better start begging for it right now! Leena makes the bitch lube it up with his own spit, then takes his ass long and hard, really pounding her cock in his ass while laughing at his cries of pain. After stretching out his pussy hole, Leena orders him to clean his ass juices off her cock, humiliating him all the while, asking him how good his ass tastes. Leena Sky wants her small cock pool boy cuck to see how a real cock works, so she orders her cuck to watch as she fucks her hot boy but Leena is not content with just making him watch; she also wants him joining in by licking her pussy while she is being fucked. To humiliate the bitch even further, Leena has the cuck suck up the ball and dick sweat from her stud’s cock as well. Leena has the stud wearing a condom for a reason; she wants to dump all the cum in the cuck’s face and mouth and laugh while she watches the humiliated bitch eating it. Leena and her hot stud relax after they have had sex, so now by using the cuck’s mouth and tongue as their personal foot massager while they make out hot and heavy over the chastised cuck boy. Leena then puts the bitch to use again, first by making him walk in his heels so she and her stud can laugh at him, then back to cleaning her pool while she makes out with her stud. The totally humiliated loser can only look on helplessly, wishing that he had a real cock women would actually want to fuck.

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load english fuck - (Pool Boy Cuck MiniMovie) Pool Boy Cuck MiniMovie

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Rubber Slaves
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Mistress Sandra and Mistress Perversity (not their real names, I suspect) are two “rubber-inspired” dominas, whatever that means. In this film, we see the duo train their slaves to become simple rubber objects whose only purpose is to satisfy the bizarre desires of their latex-clad tormentresses. The director of the film brings us through several events which build upon a common philosphical theme through out the story. In four separate scenarios, the rubber slaves are submitted to various tortures and rituals according to the unspeakable whims of their captors. However, the viewer will wonder whether these “slaves” are truly made into these actions against their will – or whether thay are simply servile beings who enjoy this activity. The director of this film cleverly withholds the answer, leaving the audience to ponder long after leaving the theater.

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only pervers real (Rubber Slaves). Rubber Slaves - pervers, only, real
Rubber Slaves - real, pervers, only... Rubber Slaves...

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Women’s orgasms are defiantly more important than the mans. Males will only be considered for orgasms release after the woman is sexually satisfied. Men are being trained & reprogrammed at the Femdom Empire to service women’s sexual needs. Slaves are on a reward system with their orgasms, getting manual release when they have done a good job. Mistress Adriana sits on her slaves face and makes him orally pleasure her, only when she has cum first will she stimulate his penis enough to orgasm.

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Adriana Chechik - She Cums First - HD 720p Adriana Chechik - She Cums First - HD 720p (penis, woman, goo)!

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Submissive Cuckold - thick cock, getting fucked, slave, video
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Master Jaxton have a new submissive pet. Miss Sully orders he suck Jaxton’s thick cock from inside the cage, he is going to make a perfect cuckold. Sully lies down on the bed and orders the slave fluff the cock for her pussy. Master Jaxton alternates between pleasing Sully’s pussy with his cock and making the cuckold suck it. Sully humiliates the cuck by making him taste her pussy on Jaxton’s cock. Sully uses the cuck as a mattress and straddles his face while Jaxton penetrates her. She orders he lick her clit while getting fucked. When he fails to lick properly she tells Jaxton to slap his face for more motivation. Sully enjoys her boyfriend and slave pleasing her pussy until she cums multiple times.

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Submissive Cuckold (face, getting fucked, thick cock, slave) Submissive Cuckold.
Submissive Cuckold. getting fucked face thick cock - (Submissive Cuckold)

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This slave has failed to have dinner ready on time for Princess Mia… when she is upset she takes out her frustration on his asshole. Backdoor anal training all night long. She brings out her thick, stiff silver dildo. She subjects his butt to anal punishment. He will lean to be the perfect wife slave for his Princess.

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Mia Malkova - Backdoor punishment - Full HD 1080p Mia Malkova - Backdoor punishment - Full HD 1080p
Mia Malkova - Backdoor punishment - Full HD 1080p (anal, thick, night, perfect) Mia Malkova - Backdoor punishment - Full HD 1080p (perfect, thick, night).

Mia Malkova - Backdoor punishment - Full HD 1080p.
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This horny brat girl needs some practice in self defense, so she takes her dummy slave and starts to punch him hard in the face and chest with special sand filled combat leather gloves. These sand gloves hurt more the victim but less the user, as it should be. Soon she starts to punch him in the nuts while the viewer enjoys the upskirt view under her short mini skirt… She use his balls like a punching bag. This slave has to suffer a lot she punch him hard in the bollocks with the combat gloves but then takes her second lethal weapon, her high heels. For kicking him many times brutal in the nuts. To be kicked in the balls with pointy high heels hurts even more and finally after one real ball breaking hit by the dainty girl he collapses in front of her.

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Lethal Weapons of a Brat Girl Lethal Weapons of a Brat Girl.
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Little Arse Sniffer - file, english, online.
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She wants to be a kitten, but first she has to be their , pig, and worm.

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Little Arse Sniffer (video, watch, online). file watch online - (Little Arse Sniffer)
Little Arse Sniffer. Little Arse Sniffer (online, video, english, watch, file)

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Ama Jennifer es mi tipo de mujer. Estoy muy en tener las tablas proverbiales volvió cuando se trata de sexo y dejar que la mujer dominan. Con esto en mente, déjeme decirle que esta señora no sólo domina los hombres, sino también gran parte de la competencia.
Después de todo, incluso con una mujer a cargo, es el tamaño lo que importa. La señorita Jenny no defrauda, razón por la cual fue nominada para RabbitsReviews mejor de la Web 2010 para más dominante Maestro / Maestra, y ella era un candidato de la concesión de la subida por feroz Dominantes en 2012.
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