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Chloe’s debut ScissorVixen video she’s busy watching her favorite soccer (football team in the UK) team…Manchester United. But her Australian boyfriend doesn’t think as highly of her team telling her that they don’t have strong enough legs to carry them very far in the Champions League and will most likely finish last as well.

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She finally gives him the chance to taste her pussy….but she is covered with her teacher’s cum. It’s Presley’s cock now, as she controls it and does whatever she wants with it. At least that is how Presley and her teacher Mr. Cummings sees it from now on. Presley tells her teacher that she hopes he enjoyed fucking her, as she previously used him as a human dildo, as now she is going to milk him. He is not allowed to move, only to look up at her as she does anything she wants with the cock she now owns. Presley has her jock classmate right where she wants him. She knows he will do anything just to be with her and she is using that to her advantage, using her dominant power over him to make him weak and do anything she wants, including sucking her cock and getting fucked in the ass. She even makes him thank her and tell her that he loves it.

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Gigi Allens is just as depraved as she is beautiful. She lures men in with her stunning looks only to turn the tables on them making him her sodomy toy. This stockade is especially cruel leaving his ass is open for abuse and limbs completely restrained. Gigi loves every moment of fucking his ass and she does it mercilessly.

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